About the Virtual Library

First things first. I´m not just a computer programmer; I´m a writer. But I´m writing this game because I´ve seen many good writers with no support at all. I want to end this.

This project aims to support hundreds, thousands of writers from around the world.

The game has a dual purpose: to encourage people to learn to solve mathematical exercises, it is true. But also, to obtain books as a reward for the successes obtained, and to be able to travel to a virtual library, where these books can be read and enjoyed by the players.

The books will be of two types: classics, free reading, and paid books, promoting new writers. The player will be able to read the first few pages of the books, and if he thinks he likes, he can go to the online store to buy it, in digital format or on paper.

Of course, as a writer, my books will be included. But they will not have a special place. They will be mixed with the others. What will be admissible will be that publishers around the world, after reaching an agreement, will be able to promote their books in the virtual library. In this way, they will support the project of diffusion of new writers. The languages of these books will be all without exception. The library will be one with all the books classified by themes and categories, but without any other distinction.

Join math and literature in one fun and fun project. That is my dream. I hope to make it happen.

Thank you very much.

Image of the Virtual Library in Math Combat Challenge
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