Presenting Match Combat Challenge in Elzerouno

We have been in Madrid, in the event, presented the game to the public for the first time. The result has certainly been better than expected. A lot of expectation on the part of the players, and much curiosity to see how they have united the mathematics with a game acclimated in the space.

We will make a longer presentation at the request of the organizers. And more surprises that we will announce soon. Thanks a lot for your support.

Math Combat Challenge: the story behind

Math Combat Challenge (MC2) is a videogame in development for PC and Mac inspired by the novel “Messenger of the Náströnd”, and settled in 2156, three years after the previous novel. It´s an indie game developed by a very small team.

This video shows some elements of the novel and the game, with the voice of the main character, Sandra Kimmel.

Sandra is an android, who has been active for 106 years. Her mission is to travel to Titan, to investigate a plot by a drug cartel that has kidnapped a man. There she´ll see that things were not as simple as when they informed her.

The game will be Oculus Rift compatible.