Math Combat Challenge now on Steam

Note: kids version for iOS available here.

We’re happy to inform you that Math Combat Challenge is now on Steam. with a 35% discount for winter sales.

English documentation here. Spanish documentation here.

As we have already mentioned, this game has two perfectly visible styles: first-person action and spacecraft action. We recommend taking a look at the manual to learn the basics of the game. The mechanics is very simple. The game itself contains a super-fast introductory video and the Stadium a tutorial with a Help Drone.

The ship’s theme is somewhat more complex, and the keyboard and pad maps indicate the functions in detail. If in doubt, disable enemies in the options panel, and practice with the ship without disturbance until you know the controls.

We are already working on the three new free scenarios that will be included in the game, one of which is especially suitable for children.

And remember: the object of the game is to solve the active static panels (with a circle around them), searching for the stage or space, and to solve the dynamic panels that appear suddenly before they disappear. That will be all. Apart from surviving clearly.

Have a good math day. Enjoy yourself.



An old friend comes to visit you

You’re solving math problems, and you know solving math is not easy, especially when you only have some seconds to find and shoot the right answer. Then an old friend appears to salute you. How distracting.

Use the flamethrower. It’s the best option when something with three heads wants to disturb you from your work.


New wallpaper: “Be a Math Soldier”

While the game is now active on Steam, and we are working to finish it, we want to bring a new wallpaper that is inspired on the novel “Messenger of the Nastrond” that is the source of the game story. Hope you like it.