Wallpaper: Titan Pyramid

A new wallpaper is born, this time coming from the Titan Arena, and the Pyramid, that will play an important role in future versions of the game. Hope you enjoy.



M64 Combat Mech Mark IV: your best option in Titan

Problems during combat? Try our new Mech M64 Mark IV. Now with double lasers. And with the guarantee of the Titan Deep Space Company.

The Titan scenario will have, in addition to the dron and minigun, the possibility of obtaining temporary help from an M64 combat mech. The advantage of the Mech is that it can move around the stage. The disadvantage is that its fire rate is lower.

Beta testing and soon release date

Beta testing is going well, and soon we´ll inform about the release date. In the end, the third Arena will be included in the game. It´s been an effort but it was worth the work.
The third arena will be active when the player completes the Stadium Arena and the Asteroid Arena, and will have its own elements and surprises.

Working with the third Arena: Titan

We’re now working hard with the third arena: Titan. This arena will be available after defeating the Stadium Arena and the Asteroid Arena.

The Titan Arena has a new enemy: the cube dron. This cube will attack in groups, and will be considerably dangerous. For self defense the classical minigun is our best chance. We can see a cube is being destroyed by our minigun.

You’ll have to test against yourself with math and combat in the Titan Arena.

Math Combat Challenge

Titan, third arena in Math Combat Challenge

We´re now working hard on the third arena of the game: Titan. This arena will be accesible after winning the other arenas: the Stadium Arena and the Asteroid Arena. This one will have its own group of surprises, and will include the lake Kraken and a forgotten base. We hope to show the first video very soon.

Math Combat Challenge; Titan Arena