Elva the Eco Dragon for Nintendo Switch released!

Elva the Eco Dragon has been released for the Nintendo Switch. After many changes and improvements, the game has been adapted to the console by using all the resources and knowledge we have with this hardware. Now it’s time to save the Earth, and learn one thing: we can still save the planet.

Elva has arrived to Nintendo Switch.

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Using combination of weapons and high speed in combat

Combine high speed, lasers, minigun & missiles to finish a light class 3 carrier in a raid. If you fail, you always can leave by using the cloaking device. But be careful, the cloak is not very stable…

Minigun and Combat Mech in action

In terrestrial scenarios, you can count on the help of a dron, a minigun weapon, and a combat mech. These two last elements can be seen here in action. The small screen allows you to see the area from the perspective of the mech. They will be very useful to be able to finish the missions with success.

Forsaken base: Oxygen, bonus, and other things to discover

Going inside the forsaken base in the Titan Arena will be necessary when you want to get new oxygen to solve all the math problems randomly generated and the air is depleted. You´ll also will be able to subtract an error and avoid losing the game. But this second option is random, you can´t be certain there will be always options.

Also remember: the forsaken base is a dangerous place. Tutorials and the manual will come soon.

Beta testing and soon release date

Beta testing is going well, and soon we´ll inform about the release date. In the end, the third Arena will be included in the game. It´s been an effort but it was worth the work.
The third arena will be active when the player completes the Stadium Arena and the Asteroid Arena, and will have its own elements and surprises.

What is exactly Math Combat Challenge?

Math Combat Challenge is a math game, okay. It is clear that mathematics plays a primordial role in its development.

But what is that role? In what way does it act when playing the game? is this some sort of sophisticated experiment to control the universe? Not at all. We explain what Math Combat Challenge is in this link.



Video inside a video: combining game, menu, and tutorials

A video inside a video? Yes. The main menu is also the area to configure the game, and also a math combat arena (Titan). Videos inside the arena will show how to play, tips, and info about math and science.

Internal beta is ready to deploy to betatesters.

Example of a first grade equation in MC2

First grade equations are easy to solve in Math Combat Challenge. You only need to survive while you calculate the data, and find the numbers to complete the equation across the arena.

Quadratic equation will be available too, and you´ll be able to mix operations as you like in the config panel, as explained here.


XBox map configuration for starships

This is the map configuration for starships in Math Combat Challenge. We´ll add one or more features before initial release, but this is the configuration you´ll find in the game when flying with the starship in the Asteroid Arena.

The image shows an XBox pad, but this will work the same for the PS3/PS4 pads.