Minigun and Combat Mech in action

In terrestrial scenarios, you can count on the help of a dron, a minigun weapon, and a combat mech. These two last elements can be seen here in action. The small screen allows you to see the area from the perspective of the mech. They will be very useful to be able to finish the missions with success.

Forsaken base: Oxygen, bonus, and other things to discover

Going inside the forsaken base in the Titan Arena will be necessary when you want to get new oxygen to solve all the math problems randomly generated and the air is depleted. You´ll also will be able to subtract an error and avoid losing the game. But this second option is random, you can´t be certain there will be always options.

Also remember: the forsaken base is a dangerous place. Tutorials and the manual will come soon.

Configuration screen in Math Combat Challenge

This is the configuration screen of Math Combat Challenge, that allows you to manage and parameterize the different aspects of the gameplay and the difficulty. Combining these elements, the player can turn the game into a simple pastime, or a complex mathematical problem-solving application.

A series of initial mathematical parameters are defined, which will then be further extended upon exit from the game.

A pdf with instructions is now on the way and will be available for download in a few days.

Configuration screen in Math Combat Challenge