XBox map configuration for starships

This is the map configuration for starships in Math Combat Challenge. We´ll add one or more features before initial release, but this is the configuration you´ll find in the game when flying with the starship in the Asteroid Arena.

The image shows an XBox pad, but this will work the same for the PS3/PS4 pads.


Configuration screen in Math Combat Challenge

This is the configuration screen of Math Combat Challenge, that allows you to manage and parameterize the different aspects of the gameplay and the difficulty. Combining these elements, the player can turn the game into a simple pastime, or a complex mathematical problem-solving application.

A series of initial mathematical parameters are defined, which will then be further extended upon exit from the game.

A pdf with instructions is now on the way and will be available for download in a few days.

Configuration screen in Math Combat Challenge

The three initial arenas

“Math is life” is the motto of the game. These are the first three arenas in Math Combat Challenge: Stadium Arena (below), Titan Arena (left), Asteroids Arena (right). The Stadium and the Asteroids arenas will be available when the game is out. The third arena will be available some days later for free.

Starting beta phase now.

Math Combat Challenge – The mathematical game

Starting beta testing very soon

We´re almost ready to begin beta testing. We have a small and enthusiastic group of people who share their love for First Person Shooters and Space Simulators. Remember: this game offers both: the Stadium Arena, and the Saturn Asteroids Arena. Three New Arenas will be included after the initial release at no cost.

Ingame image taken directly from the beta: the Stadium Arena.

Math Combat Challenge