Math Combat Challenge in IndieDB.

Math Combat Challenge has been added to the IndieDB Website. We want to thank IndieDB for the opportunity of promoting the game there. You can find the link here.



Activation Steam page on Friday 13


We inform you that the Math Combat Challenge in Steam will be activated on October 13th. From that moment the page will be accessible and the date of departure will be announced.

Meanwhile, testing and tuning continues to develop, to have the game completely finished at the time of the start. Thank you very much for your support.


Informamos que el próximo 13 de octubre se activará la página de Math Combat Challenge en Steam. Desde ese momento la página estará accesible y se anunciará la fecha de salida.

Mientras tanto, las pruebas y la puesta a punto sigue desarrollándose, para tener el juego completamente acabado en el momento de la salida. Muchas gracias por vuestro apoyo.



Math Combat Challenge for children

After release, one of the new free areas of the game will be for children. No enemies, no weapons, just math.

We have an alpha in progress, but we are concentrated now in finishing the game as it is now. Then we´ll show images and videos. The weapon will be replaced by a water hose. Everything intended to make the children enjoy math.


Release date coming soon

We’re working hard to finish the game and including statistics and achievements for Steam. We didn’t plan to include these elements in Steam in the first place, but while Steam is working to approve the game, we’ve thought it can be very important to players. You can see some of the achievements here.

We’ll inform about the release date very soon, thanks for your patience!


Final testing in progress; see you in Titan

We’ve entered final testing. The game now has the final features and functionality we wanted for this first version. We have a lot of ideas to add, but the game is already complete in its final version. And remember that there will be two additional scenarios for free to the game after its release.

And don’t forget the most important feature of the game: you can fight all you want. And you’ll have to fight, no doubt about it. But the key to winning is math. Without math, there is no victory. See you at Saturn and its moon Titan.


Help drone: it´s your turn to choose

One the most important things when giving options to a player in a game, besides difficulty levels, are the help options. Do you want help? Or you want to go on your own?

We’ve created the game so both options are possible. Just activate the help drone, and it will tell you what to do at anytime. Deactivate the drone, and explore yourself the game. It’s up to you to choose.