Pacific Night VR, a program for the Covid-19

We know a lot of people are suffering because of the coronavirus. For that, we have developed Pacific Night VR.

Pacific Night VR is a simple free program to enjoy some quiet moments while in quarantine. We are quarantined too and we hope someone can find some rest.

You can download the program here.



Math Classroom Challenge now in HTC Vive

We’re happy to inform that Math Classroom Challenge is now compatible with HTC Vive.

With this new hardware, the same build is compatible with a standard monitor, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive. We give the opportunity to choose your option when you run the game, or you can activate SteamVR in your Steam app so you can access to the VR version of the game automatically.

But this is far from over. We’ll be adding a new character next week: Sam. Sam is a bird that likes to eat the numbers you need to solve the math problems.

And a new scenario that will arrive soon. And will be quite different from the others. Thank you!


Oculus Rift Vs HTC Vive: nuestra opinión (español)

English version here.

Hemos pasado un tiempo trabajando en la programación y adaptación de nuestro juego para Oculus Rift y HTC Vive. Originalmente el juego solo iba a funcionar en un monitor estándar, pero debido a unos trabajos que nos solicitaron para un proyecto, decidimos que merecía la pena, sin ninguna duda, incluir la posibilidad de poder jugar con gafas de realidad virtual.

Estas conclusiones que se comentan a continuación son totalmente personales y subjetivas, y no pretenden demostrar nada ni afirmar nada. Simplemente, son el fruto de semanas de trabajo intenso con las gafas, usándolas para las pruebas y verificaciones.

Por ejemplo, debido a estas pruebas, teníamos que sacarnos y ponernos las gafas constantemente. Esto ha dado pie a poder valorar aspectos tan concretos como la facilidad de colocación y uso. Vamos pues a ver algunas ideas generales sobre las dos gafas de realidad virtual.


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Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive: our impressions

Spanish version here.

We have spent some time working on the programming and adaptation of our game for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Originally the game was only going to work on a standard monitor, but due to some circumstances we were asked to do on a project, we decided that it was definitely worth it to include the possibility of playing with virtual reality glasses.

These conclusions that are commented on below are totally personal and subjective, and are not intended to demonstrate anything or to affirm anything. They are simply the result of weeks of hard work with the glasses, using them for testing and verification.

For example, because of these tests, we had to take off and put on our glasses all the time. This has allowed us to assess aspects as specific as the ease of placement and use. So let’s look at some general ideas about the two virtual reality glasses.


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HTC coming to Math Classroom Challenge this week

Right now Math Classroom Challenge on Steam can be played with a standard monitor or Oculus goggles. From next Saturday, June 30th, we will also incorporate full compatibility with HTC Vive.

The player will be able to play with HTC Vive’s own controls or with a pad, and choose either of the two devices. Without forgetting the keyboard of course.

We’re working on the final tests. Thank you very much for your support!


Important info about Math Classroom Challenge


We’ve received info that Math Classroom Challenge needs an Oculus device in order to play with the game.

This is not true. You can play with your monitor, or with an Oculus device. When you run the game, Steam gives you the option to start the game in standard mode with your monitor, or in Oculus mode. It’s up to you. Sorry if we didn’t explain this feature in past entries.

By the way, the new scenario, “Math & Rocks”, is going very well and will be ready to download on June 16. Thank you very much for your support!


Math Classroom Challenge Windows/Oculus V.1.40

While we prepare the release of Math Classroom Challenge (Windows/Oculus) on June 7 on Steam, version V.1.40 is on the way, and will be released in a couple of days.

With two new features: until seven Static Math Panels at the same time, and a new Scenario: Seaside Math. This scenario gives the player the opportunity to play in a sunny area with the sea, and even go for a swim. New elements that will enhance this scenario will be available soon.

Nothing like a sunny day with a good math session. Happy math!

Everything ready, and math is the limit

We are ready to conquer schools, homes, and anyone who wants to learn and practice math.

This is the promotional poster for Math Classroom Challenge, associated with the Steam release. Trying to be original, and with a little humor is always important. We are finishing the test with the Steam version, and the iOS versions are now available at the App Store.

  • Math Street Challenge iOS Augmented Reality here.
  • Math Classroom Challenge iOS here.
  • Math Classroom Challenge Windows/Oculus here.

And remember that for adults we have Math Combat Challenge here.


Quadratic equations are on the way

Quadratic equations are not included in the 1st build of Math Classroom Challenge (Windows) and Math Street Challenge (iOS-AR), but you can expect to find them soon in new builds.

Meanwhile, the Augmented Version (iOS) version of Math Street Challenge is now at the App Store, and the Windows version, Math Classroom Challenge and its Oculus version is in final test for being released next June 1st. Thank you for your support.