Manual (english version)

Configuration Parameters
Math Combat Challenge

This document is Work in progress. How to play the game will be explained soon, by words and short videos.

To access the panel, in the menu screen press the escape key or the pad configuration button (Xbox 360 / One or PS3 / PS4).


These parameters can be combined with each other to develop and customize the game in the way that each player wants. This allows a great number of combinations and possibilities, whether they are terrestrial or spatial arenas.

The configuration parameters are:

• +: Indicates whether there will be operations of sum involved in each problem.
• -: indicates whether there will subtraction operations involved in every problem.
• *: Indicates whether there will be product operations involved in every problem.
• /: Indicates whether there will be operations of division involved in every problem.

At least one of these options must be enabled. If you leave the four empty, the system will assume that only the sum is marked.

• Music: If active, you´ll have music during the game. However, in each arena the music can be turned on and off with the “M” key or in the configuration panel.
• First-degree equations: mathematical operations in the form of first-degree equations with one unknown.
• Quadratic equations: mathematical operations in the form of quadratic equations and one unknown.
• Decimals: Will there be decimals in operations?
• Invert numbers: If this option is enabled, the terrestrial scenarios can display inverted numbers for a while. These numbers act as wildcards while inverted.
• All the wrong solutions: if active, some panels may show erroneous solutions from time to time. You´ll never know when a panel will have or not have wrong solutions.
• Levels: There are four levels: easy, medium, difficult, crazy. The game is fairly balanced in middle mode. The easy mode is very simple. The difficult mode is, well, difficult, and the crazy mode well is almost impossible except for the best.
• Negatives: if active, there will be negative values in the results.
• Limit errors: if it is unlimited, errors are not considered, just counted. If it is a specific value, above that value you lose.
• Max. Digits: the number of digits that will have the results at most. If nothing is indicated, it is related to the level of difficulty. If a specific value is set, the operations will have at most a solution of those indicated digits.
• Max. Time: in the scenarios with time limit, is the maximum time to solve the exercises. From 2 minutes to 25 minutes.
• Meteors: if it is active, in the terrestrial scenarios there could be a meteor shower from time to time, which hit the player.
• No enemies: this option allows you to eliminate all enemies from the scenarios. You just only need to solve the mathematical problems without worrying about anything else. An afternoon of peace and mathematical concentration.
• Weapon Regeneration: If active, when the player runs out of energy, he or she may recover a little to be able to defend himself in the scenarios on the ground, or to recover a box of ammunition and energy in space.
• Crazy mode check: if activated, the generation of mathematical problems could increase from time to time, and almost always in the worst moments.

Soon we´ll upload instructions about how to play the game in detail. Also the Xbox configurations for the ground and spatial arenas. But you can see a beta of the Xbox pad configuration for the First Person and space arenas below.



mc2_screen config
The first person view
The starship cockpit