Pyramid Arena special information

Details for the Arena: “Pyramid”.

This document is a supplement to the general manual.

The Pyramid scenario has the same features as Asteroids. But it adds and modifies certain aspects. Let’s see them next:

Note: Remember: F1 for connecting the motors. F2 to accelerate, F3 to decelerate. Mouse to control the ship. Look at the other functions on the keyboard map. We especially recommend using a pad to control the ship.


  • Shield regeneration: we have added a shield regenerator. You can deactivate this feature in the config panel if you want a greater challenge.
  • Height: the atmospheric flight only allows the ascent to a certain level. Above that level, the altimeter will change from white to yellow, and a warning signal will sound. If the ascent is followed, the altimeter will turn red and an alarm will sound. At that point the ship’s shield will begin to lose power, until it returns to the yellow state.
  • The ship’s speed and manoeuvrability are lower.
  • The minigun has been replaced by a high-powered non-directed rocket launcher. These rockets are useful against laser towers and capital ships (see below). When a launch is made, six missiles emerge that subtract some energy from the weapons. You can move the ship to make a cluster fire. The system must then be reloaded, which is indicated by an icon that informs you at the bottom.
  • Laser towers are scattered throughout the islands. The radar cannot detect them, but a ping signal will sound, and a red icon will appear that will shake when the laser is near. These towers can be destroyed by the ship’s laser system or by unguided rockets. The towers will regenerate after a while, but only the first time they are destroyed count in the destroyed turret counter.


  • In this scenario you can see capital ships. They’re huge ships that require a lot of firepower to be destroyed. They are powerful, but they are very slow. The best thing is to combine laser fire with unguided heavy rocket launches. When destroyed, they fall into the sea or on the islands. After a while they disappear, sinking under the weight. The capital ships make it possible to reduce the number of errors produced in the responses of the dynamic mathematical panel.


  • Wormholes: in critical moments you can use a wormhole, there are several distributed. Entering them implies that all nearby ships will be destroyed, except the capital ships. We’ll lose power from shields, weapons, and the reactor. In addition, the ship will be propelled in the direction it entered. There is a probability that our own ship will be destroyed, which is calculated and indicated at the bottom of the cockpit. It is a guide value, since the quantum mechanics that moves the wormhole does not allow an exact calculation.
  • Be careful, sometimes you can be affected by a meteor shower.

You can enjoy this scenario like the others, or take on challenges such as destroying the maximum number of capital ships, all the cannons, or any combination you deem appropriate. It won’t be easy. But we are not interested in making easy games or games that allow you to win by paying extras. We are old school, and we want to raise challenges. In the future we will add several new features. We hope you enjoy, and any suggestions, here we are. Thank you very much.



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