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mc2_promofbMath Combat Challenge FAQ

Date: October 2017.
Version 2.0.

1.- What is Math Combat Challenge (MC2)?

MC2 is a game of the type “survival”, in which it is necessary to surpass a series of mathematical tests in three scenarios. These tests must be passed while the player defends against various attacks of all kinds. You will have a manual soon to download.

2.- What kind of game is it?

It is a first person shooter (FPS) and a tactical space simulator. But its main purpose is to be an educational game that seeks to solve math problems. It is not a simple game in terms of difficulty nor is it intended, but the easy level will be accessible to everyone.

3. Who develops it?

This game is programmed by a single person, there is no equipment as such. Graphic and sound materials available on the network have been used, either of free use or with the necessary license of use.

4.- Where did the idea come from?

It is born of a story set in the moon Titan of Saturn in 2156, and is currently published in parts, called “Messenger of the Nastrond”, which in turn is the continuation of other previous stories.

5. – Is it a difficult game?

The game has four difficulty levels, the normal level is the default level. Learning the basic mechanism of the game is easy. You have two types of panels to solve. The fixed ones, and the dynamic ones. For landlines, you should look for the numbers that solve the panel, from right to left. The active panel has a halo around it. You have to shoot the numbers on the stage to complete the scenario. If you’re wrong, the game will be draining energy. Dynamic panels must be resolved quickly by firing at the correct solution. The handling of the ship is not difficult. In any case, there are three videotutorials that explain in detail all the mechanisms of the game.

6.- What scenarios do you have?

Three initial stages, very different from each other: the Stadium, a place where you solve math and fight in a wide area with public and commentators. You´ll have the support of an aid dron for air attacks in the form of an owl, and a gatling machine gun for land attacks, both fully automated and with its own AI. Apart of course a panoply of seven weapons with different powers and effects. On stage there will be fire, gravity changes, momentary immortal mode, dim lights for night vision goggles, and other situations. There will be a statistics screen running in real time if you want to see progress. The idea is to solve the mathematical exercises before time runs out.

The second scenario is a zone of asteroids near the rings of Saturn. The player controls a starship equipped with diverse armament, and with ECM defense system, and a very useful cloaking system, although somewhat unstable and dangerous. It should be used with caution. You will also have to look for the numbers by the area of asteroids with the help of the radar to solve the mathematical problems. There will also be boxes with weapons, energy, and missiles to replace the ones consumed. The ship has four modes: navigation, number search radar, provisions search radar, and combat radar.

A third scenario, Titan, is developed on the surface of Titan and on a spatial base on the surface. It will available on release. There will be three more free arenas for free. One of them will be for children, with no enemies and no weapons, just a water hose to shoot the numbers.

7.- Is the game configurable?

Totally. Many items can be turned on or off. It has four levels of difficulty, and you can configure the type and complexity of the mathematical problems to solve.

8.- What equipment will you need?

A PC with Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 64-bit, 8 gigabytes of RAM and an NVIDIA GTX660 graphics card or equivalent or higher.

On Mac it will require OS X 10.10 or higher with an Intel graphics. The game can be adjusted for graphics quality for computers with Intel IRIS 5500 or higher graphics.

We hope to publish the game also on XBOX One.

Pad or joystick is recommended for control of the starship.

9.- Will there be more scenarios in the future?

Yes, various types. New scenarios are under way. Two of them will be added for free in the first three months since the game’s departure. One of them for children.

10.- Will it have an online mode?

Not now. It is envisaged whether the necessary funding can be obtained in the form of sales or support.

11.- Will this game be on crowdfunding platforms?

It may be that in the future we will send the game to to some crowdfunding platform.

12.- When will the game be available?

We are in the beta phase. It is already on Steam. It will be available on PC  on November 3. We’re also working on the Mac & Xbox One version that will be available later.

13.- Where is more information about the game?

A.- On the main page of the game.
B.- In the Spanish newspaper El País in this link.
C.- On Facebook.
D.- On Twitter.
E.- On Youtube.
F.- On Steam.

14.- Can I be a betatester?

Yes. Send an email to icampomanes at Gmail.com and request information. The game in beta has a unique limitation: the number of executions and expiration date. If the executions are exceeded you can request a new copy. You can record videos of the game and display them whenever you indicate the source and explain that it is a beta.

15.- What if I want to collaborate economically to support the project?

Any help to the project will always be very welcome of course and very grateful. Many hours have been invested in this project, and many more will be invested. You can make voluntary contributions through Paypal, with the account icampomanes at Gmail dot com.

16.- And what about the books? Why do books fall on some characters, and what purpose do they have?

Books are a very important element of the game. More info coming soon…

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