Changelog for Math Combat Challenge.

mc2_athena_wallpaper released3

1.2 (WIP).

• New free arena “Realm of Helheim”. Flying with the starship inside an infinite wormhole. Don’t try to leave the wormhole, that won’t be good for your health. This arena is a classical 3D arcade shooter in space. Remember Star Trek: the Motion Picture? When they fall in an infinite hole? Arm photon torpedoes! That’s the idea.
• Drone cubes and numbers explode when touched in space.
• Shooting wrong numbers in space drains energy from shields.
• Minimal speed is always faster than 1000.
• When engines are on, they can’t be disconnected.
• Numeric radar malfunction. You won’t be able to track numbers, just visual.


• Minor fixes in Math Garden for kids.


• New free scenario available: Math Garden for kids. An enviroment specially designed for children, with no enemies, no weapons, and a water hose to choose the right numbers and solutions.
• The cubes inside the forsaken base in Titan subtract dynamic panel errors.
• Some minor adjustments.


• Solved a stuttering problem in Asteroid arena that can happen when using the minigun against heavy ships.
• Solved zero points in Asteroid Arena when player fails (does not affect Steam points, just the internal counter).


• Added compatibility with HOTAS Saitek X55/X56 and other HOTAS systems and joysticks. You can see the map here.
• Some minor changes to surface arenas for medium level.
• Some minor adjustments to the Titan Arena.
• Some minor adjustments to Asteroid Arena.
• Probability of reducing dynamic panel errors increased.
• Minigun works like the M61 Vulcan, short bursts for every attack.

• Solved a problem generating numbers in Titan Arena.
• Modified some elements to avoid player being blocked in some areas.
• Submarine and base drones are stronger and faster.
• Reconfigured camera in Titan.


• Initial version.