TrackIR coming to Math Combat Challenge

We have just signed an agreement with NaturalPoint, the company behind TrackIr 5 PRO. This will allow us to integrate this hardware win Math Combat Challenge.

But what is TrackIR? It´s a device that is placed on top of the monitor. This system sends an infrared signal to a receiver, which can be located on the user or on the headset. Thanks to this system, TrackIR can triangulate the position of the head and its movements, and reflect this movement in the simulator.

This system is flexible and parameterizable, and is used by thousands of pilots of different simulators every day. It is a device that becomes essential for pilots of air and space simulators, and also in other simulators of cars, motorcycles, etc.

TrackIR integration will be available as soon as Math Combat Challenge becomes available. And remember: it will also be integrated with Oculus Rift, so you´ll always find a way to control your vision in the game.



Author: Fenrir

Amateur writer, I like aviation, movies, beer, and a good talk about anything that concerns the human being. Current status: Deceased.

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