Testing and more testing, it never ends

Over the weekend we’ve been working on a lot of aspects and improvements to the game. This video shows evidence of the main menus. We want the experience to be, from the beginning, the best for the player.

But we have a lot more to add after the release of the game. Including, let’s not forget, two new free scenarios.


Final testing in progress; see you in Titan

We’ve entered final testing. The game now has the final features and functionality we wanted for this first version. We have a lot of ideas to add, but the game is already complete in its final version. And remember that there will be two additional scenarios for free to the game after its release.

And don’t forget the most important feature of the game: you can fight all you want. And you’ll have to fight, no doubt about it. But the key to winning is math. Without math, there is no victory. See you at Saturn and its moon Titan.