Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP), to finish the work the right way

You want the best weapon. We have it. The Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) is always there when you´re low of energy, lasers and missiles. You´ll never regret to carry one of these in your arsenal. Enjoy!

Cockpit in combat mode (Asteroid Arena)

This is the cockpit in combat mode for the Titan Asteroid Arena. In this mode the radar tracks enemy fighters and other ships, and weapons are completely active, even the Electromagnetic Pulse Missile (EMP).

Math Combat Challenge will be compatible with keyboard & mouse, console pads, TrackIR, and Oculus Rift.

Math Combat Challenge

Third arena available after initial release

The third arena of Math Combat Challenge will be settled on the surface and the forsaken base of the Titan moon (Saturn). While the mechanics will be similar to the Stadium Arena, new surprises will be added to this area.

This arena will be free and available after the initial release.


Starting beta testing very soon

We´re almost ready to begin beta testing. We have a small and enthusiastic group of people who share their love for First Person Shooters and Space Simulators. Remember: this game offers both: the Stadium Arena, and the Saturn Asteroids Arena. Three New Arenas will be included after the initial release at no cost.

Ingame image taken directly from the beta: the Stadium Arena.

Math Combat Challenge

Math Combat Challenge: the story behind

Math Combat Challenge (MC2) is a videogame in development for PC and Mac inspired by the novel “Messenger of the Náströnd”, and settled in 2156, three years after the previous novel. It´s an indie game developed by a very small team.

This video shows some elements of the novel and the game, with the voice of the main character, Sandra Kimmel.

Sandra is an android, who has been active for 106 years. Her mission is to travel to Titan, to investigate a plot by a drug cartel that has kidnapped a man. There she´ll see that things were not as simple as when they informed her.

The game will be Oculus Rift compatible.

TrackIR coming to Math Combat Challenge

We have just signed an agreement with NaturalPoint, the company behind TrackIr 5 PRO. This will allow us to integrate this hardware win Math Combat Challenge.

But what is TrackIR? It´s a device that is placed on top of the monitor. This system sends an infrared signal to a receiver, which can be located on the user or on the headset. Thanks to this system, TrackIR can triangulate the position of the head and its movements, and reflect this movement in the simulator.

This system is flexible and parameterizable, and is used by thousands of pilots of different simulators every day. It is a device that becomes essential for pilots of air and space simulators, and also in other simulators of cars, motorcycles, etc.

TrackIR integration will be available as soon as Math Combat Challenge becomes available. And remember: it will also be integrated with Oculus Rift, so you´ll always find a way to control your vision in the game.


Oculus Rift coming to Math Combat Challenge

We´ve been testing the space arena of the game with the Oculus Rift this week, and the results sound very promising. So we can say now that the first release of Math Combat Challenge will be Oculus Rift compatible, with more hardware coming soon.

Using a videogame with a good monitor is important, but the Oculus Rift is just a quantum leap ahead of what we have seen before. Its immersion is just incredible, as it is like being there in the space. We do recommend the Oculus Rift, or at least try the glasses. Amazing.