Configuration screen in Math Combat Challenge

This is the configuration screen of Math Combat Challenge, that allows you to manage and parameterize the different aspects of the gameplay and the difficulty. Combining these elements, the player can turn the game into a simple pastime, or a complex mathematical problem-solving application.

A series of initial mathematical parameters are defined, which will then be further extended upon exit from the game.

A pdf with instructions is now on the way and will be available for download in a few days.

Configuration screen in Math Combat Challenge

What is Math Combat Challenge

Perhaps the first question that arises is: what kind of game is Math Combat Challenge (MC2)?

MC2 is an educational game. It has many fights, many explosions, many shots, it’s true. But the basis of the game is not to win the enemy; The basis of the game is to solve the mathematical exercises that the game generates randomly, before time runs out in scenarios where there is a maximum time, and before making more errors of the maximum allowed.

The problem is that, while we try to solve those exercises, waves of enemies will try to prevent us from doing so. Of course, these waves can be disconnected if you want to in the options screen. If done, then the game is simply a game of mathematical problem solving. This allows to play to people of all ages, since you can configure very simple mathematical problems with a result of one or more figures.

MC2 could also be considered a survival game, since the player has to survive a series of tests, in this case math, and successfully overcome them. An online mode is foreseen, if the necessary support is obtained.

MC2 will go on sale in mid-July, with three PC and Mac scenarios, and is negotiated to be available on Xbox One. It will be Oculus and HOTAS compatible (a PS3/PS4 or XBOX 360/One controller will be included too). Two more scenarios will be included later for free. It will also include what we have called the Virtual Library. About that we’ll talk about later.

Also remember that this game is based on the novel “Messenger of the Nástrónd”. Although it is a story parallel to the book, there are elements that are intermingled in both cases.

And the future? There are many ideas on the table, some we think very interesting and fun from an educational and action vision. But we are going step by step before we bring events forward. At the moment, you’re going to have to hide the calculator, and get the neurons out. It’s math time!



Presenting Match Combat Challenge in Elzerouno

We have been in Madrid, in the event, presented the game to the public for the first time. The result has certainly been better than expected. A lot of expectation on the part of the players, and much curiosity to see how they have united the mathematics with a game acclimated in the space.

We will make a longer presentation at the request of the organizers. And more surprises that we will announce soon. Thanks a lot for your support.

Math Combat Challenge, now H.O.T.A.S. compatible

Math Combat Challenge will be H.O.T.A.S. compatible. HOTAS is an acronym for “Hands On Throttle And Stick”, and you can find them in modern fighters.

With a HOTAS, you can control your airplane, or here the starship, directly from the HOTAS controls. You can concentrate in the enemy, not in the cockpit instruments.

In fact, almost all the betatesters are fighter pilots, and they don´t use gamepads, but HOTAS. And yes, gamepads will also be compatible of course.



Math Combat Challenge integration with a motion control system

We are now partnering with Logykal, a hardware cockpit builder, to integrate Math Combat Challenge with the starship simulator. We send the motion raw data from the ship to a common memory area, and then the Lince software reads that data, and transform it into motion movement.

The first Windows version of the game will include this feature, and will be available to anyone that owns a Logykal hardware cockpit.


Conference in Madrid, May 18

Next May 18 will be a conference in Madrid, in a videogame presentation event, where you will be able to see the main features of Math Combat Challenge, and a small surprise that we will announce soon.

For now, this is one of the rollups that will be part of the presentation. The other is part of the surprise.


The three initial arenas

“Math is life” is the motto of the game. These are the first three arenas in Math Combat Challenge: Stadium Arena (below), Titan Arena (left), Asteroids Arena (right). The Stadium and the Asteroids arenas will be available when the game is out. The third arena will be available some days later for free.

Starting beta phase now.

Math Combat Challenge – The mathematical game

Testing Math Combat Challenge with Vulkan

We´re testing Math Combat Challenge with the Vulkan API. The Vulkan is a new API that intends to make a better use of the parallel processors than DirectX 11 and OpenGL, and works increasing the frames and managing the shaders in a different a most sophisticated way to get the maximum from our hardware.
This image is taken using the Vulkan API as new analysis are on the way.