Owl drone and the minigun

We continue working with the beta, while we bring another image of the Stadium Arena. Here you can see the minigun and the drone owl. Both can be invoked when things get complicated, and both will act for a while before temporarily deactivating.

The minigun will attack some of the surface targets, but not all. The drone owl will in turn attack the enemy combat ships. They can be very important when you´re out of weapons or when you need to solve new math problems to avoid losing the game.




Zerouno Networking meeting, June 28


While we continue working with the beta, we inform you that next June 28 we will be presenting Math Combat Challenge in the video game event known as El Zerouno.

This event will be held in Barcelona, Spain, and it will be able to try out and learn different games from different companies and platforms. Zerouno is a well-known and popular event that periodically allows indie developers and programmers to showcase their work, and connect ideas with potential markets and companies. There we will be with an advanced beta of Math Combat Challenge. If you´re interested, we hope you can come and enjoy the event.


Mientras seguimos preparando la beta, os informamos de que el próximo 28 de junio estaremos presentando Math Combat Challenge en el evento de videojuegos conocido como El Zerouno.

Este evento se desarrollará en Barcelona, España, y en el mismo se podrán probar y conocer diversos juegos de diferentes empresas y plataformas. El Zerouno es un conocido y popular evento que de forma periódica permite a desarrolladoras y programadores indie mostrar sus trabajos, y conectar ideas con potenciales mercados y empresas. Allá estaremos con una beta avanzada de Math Combat Challenge. ¡Os esperamos!


HUD configuration for first person view

Here you can see the HUD configuration of the screen for the first person view. You can access the manual in our blog at titandscompany.com to read the information available there about the game. This manual is work in progress and will be finished shortly.

mc2_screen config

What is exactly Math Combat Challenge?

Math Combat Challenge is a math game, okay. It is clear that mathematics plays a primordial role in its development.

But what is that role? In what way does it act when playing the game? is this some sort of sophisticated experiment to control the universe? Not at all. We explain what Math Combat Challenge is in this link.



Video inside a video: combining game, menu, and tutorials

A video inside a video? Yes. The main menu is also the area to configure the game, and also a math combat arena (Titan). Videos inside the arena will show how to play, tips, and info about math and science.

Internal beta is ready to deploy to betatesters.

Example of a first grade equation in MC2

First grade equations are easy to solve in Math Combat Challenge. You only need to survive while you calculate the data, and find the numbers to complete the equation across the arena.

Quadratic equation will be available too, and you´ll be able to mix operations as you like in the config panel, as explained here.


Pad configuration for first person arenas

This is the pad configuration for Math Combat Challenge when in first person mode. This mode is used when you´re solving math in areas with floor and have left the starship behind.
Two arenas with this configuration will be the Stadium Arena and the Titan Arena.
The image shows an XBox pad, but this will work the same for the PS3/PS4 pads.

XBox map configuration for starships

This is the map configuration for starships in Math Combat Challenge. We´ll add one or more features before initial release, but this is the configuration you´ll find in the game when flying with the starship in the Asteroid Arena.

The image shows an XBox pad, but this will work the same for the PS3/PS4 pads.