New article on IndieDB: a complete level

We’re almost there! This week we release Stellar Sphere! And we’re giving new information on IndieDB: a complete level played in the game, where we explain many of the features you’ll find while playing. Remember there will also be a Giveaway next Saturday 3/30 also on IndieDB. Enjoy!




Math Combat Challenge HOTAS compatibility

One of the first things we purchase as virtual fighter pilots is a HOTAS. This is an acronym for “Hands On Throttle and Stick”, a system usually seen in modern fighters. The F-16C Block 25 was the first to carry one true HOTAS. Now all fighters include this system, because allows the pilot to control the fighter without having to see the panel controls for many things, something very important when in combat.

We thought it could be important to add this feature to the game for those who love to fly with a HOTAS. The game is compatible with Saitek but also with many other HOTAS, like Thrustmaster for example. Also compatible with classical pads.

Don’t forget to check out the manual for more info. Thank you.

HOTAS X56 Map Configuration Math Combat Challenge

Improved Space Combat AI

We´ve been working on an improved AI. Now the new algorithm creates new erratic movements to move away from our guns faster. You can use missiles but you’ll run out of them quickly, so using lasers and the minigun is imperative.

Remember you have the cloaking device, ECM (Electronic Counter Measures) and EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) too.