Manuals: to read or not to read?

Are manuals boring? Yes. For some people. There are people who love them. What is the right answer? Both.

You can read about it in this report, english and spanish versions. Have a Math Day!




Manual finished (english version)

The english version of the manual is finished. The spanish version will come very soon. You can find (almost) all the features of the game there. Some features are hidden, but that’s part of the joy. Click on the image to access to the manual.


Help drone: it´s your turn to choose

One the most important things when giving options to a player in a game, besides difficulty levels, are the help options. Do you want help? Or you want to go on your own?

We’ve created the game so both options are possible. Just activate the help drone, and it will tell you what to do at anytime. Deactivate the drone, and explore yourself the game. It’s up to you to choose.

Manual updated and some tips

We have updated the manual, and it´s almost finished. Just some minor elements to adjust and it will be ready. 98% of the information provided is verified and adjusted.

The manual is divided in two parts, basic and advanced. We know a lot of people don´t like manuals, neither do we. But there are people that enjoy knowing more details about the game. Or people that, after some time, want to read the advanced manual to know the game better. It doesn’t matter, the manual is always there for every one.

We have also added some final tips to the manual, they’re also in this post. They’re important, but the most important thing is having a good time. Hope you enjoy.

tips extended