New Steam Achievements

We know there are people who enjoy Steam Achievements. In fact they’re funny, a challenge, and this is Math Combat Challenge. We have added some new achievements so you can enjoy them while playing, trying to get all of them.

We’ ll be adding more achievements in the future. Meanwhile you can see them here.



La versión en español del manual está lista

Ya está lista la versión en español del manual. Falta traducir los gráficos, pero el resto del material está listo y explica todos los detalles del juego.

Puedes acceder al manual en el menú o en este enlace. 

math_combat_challenge_sandra2 - copia


Manual finished (english version)

The english version of the manual is finished. The spanish version will come very soon. You can find (almost) all the features of the game there. Some features are hidden, but that’s part of the joy. Click on the image to access to the manual.