Save the seas, new incoming Scenario for Math Classroom Challenge

Having integrated Sam the Bird into Math Classroom Challenge, our next step is to introduce a new scenario, with an idea similar to that of the Moon.

If in this scenario we have to collect lunar material to be sent to Earth, along with helium 3, to power the Earth’s fusion reactors, in this new scenario we will have to do something extremely important: save the planet’s seas. How? We’ll see it in the next posts.

But one thing is clear: we want to send a message of hope and future to all of us, and to teach the new generations, and the old generations, that this world is unique, and belongs to all of us.

Saving it is our responsibility. We have a duty with the Earth. And here we can learn some aspects to ensure that the world remains that source of light and life that it has always been.

“Save the seas” is now work in progress, and we’ll inform about the release date soon. Thank you very much.save_the_seas

Sam, the Number-Crusher, is here

We present Math Classroom Challenge V.1.70 Sam edition.

Sam is not a common bird. A high-level student, he chose architecture as his profession to build the most modern and sophisticated tree nests. But his passion is numbers. He can eat dozens of numbers in a day.

And he will eat the numbers you need to solve the mathematical panels proposed in Math Classroom Challenge. Don’t allow it. Don’t let him get away with this.

Sam is present by default in all the stages except the Moon stage. The player can deactivate Sam in the Config Panel. Sam will be eating numbers from time to time, and the player will lose the opportunity of adding the number he/she needs to complete the math panels. Because Sam is always searching the exact number the player needs to solve the math panels.

We hope this new feature can be of your interest. And we’re working with next version: “Save the seas”. More info soon. Thank you!

Math Classroom Challenge now in HTC Vive

We’re happy to inform that Math Classroom Challenge is now compatible with HTC Vive.

With this new hardware, the same build is compatible with a standard monitor, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive. We give the opportunity to choose your option when you run the game, or you can activate SteamVR in your Steam app so you can access to the VR version of the game automatically.

But this is far from over. We’ll be adding a new character next week: Sam. Sam is a bird that likes to eat the numbers you need to solve the math problems.

And a new scenario that will arrive soon. And will be quite different from the others. Thank you!


Introducing Sam, the Number-Crusher bird

We were talking the other day about an “almost enemy” for Math Classroom Challenge. This game is rated for children aged 4 onwards, and we must be careful with every new element added.

Some people asked us to add some “action” or “enemies”. Well, here it is. Sam is a bird that likes to eat numbers. When the player is behind a number, sometimes Sam can eat the number if the player does not wash Sam with water.

What do accomplish with this? We have an “enemy” but is completely harmless for children. There’s no violence at all, just the pressure to wash Sam. Of course Sam can be deactivated.

Sam will be available on July 6 with version 1.70 (version 1.60 with HTC Vive compatibility next June 30). Thank you for your interest!


Oculus Rift Vs HTC Vive: nuestra opinión (español)

English version here.

Hemos pasado un tiempo trabajando en la programación y adaptación de nuestro juego para Oculus Rift y HTC Vive. Originalmente el juego solo iba a funcionar en un monitor estándar, pero debido a unos trabajos que nos solicitaron para un proyecto, decidimos que merecía la pena, sin ninguna duda, incluir la posibilidad de poder jugar con gafas de realidad virtual.

Estas conclusiones que se comentan a continuación son totalmente personales y subjetivas, y no pretenden demostrar nada ni afirmar nada. Simplemente, son el fruto de semanas de trabajo intenso con las gafas, usándolas para las pruebas y verificaciones.

Por ejemplo, debido a estas pruebas, teníamos que sacarnos y ponernos las gafas constantemente. Esto ha dado pie a poder valorar aspectos tan concretos como la facilidad de colocación y uso. Vamos pues a ver algunas ideas generales sobre las dos gafas de realidad virtual.


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Oculus Rift vs HTC Vive: our impressions

Spanish version here.

We have spent some time working on the programming and adaptation of our game for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Originally the game was only going to work on a standard monitor, but due to some circumstances we were asked to do on a project, we decided that it was definitely worth it to include the possibility of playing with virtual reality glasses.

These conclusions that are commented on below are totally personal and subjective, and are not intended to demonstrate anything or to affirm anything. They are simply the result of weeks of hard work with the glasses, using them for testing and verification.

For example, because of these tests, we had to take off and put on our glasses all the time. This has allowed us to assess aspects as specific as the ease of placement and use. So let’s look at some general ideas about the two virtual reality glasses.


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A sort of “enemies” for Math Classroom Challenge

Some people have commented that Math Classroom Challenge is maybe too childish. And they’re right. The reason for this is that the game is rated for children from the age of four. In these age ranges, extreme caution and awareness of the visual and interactive elements of a game should be exercised. Even if Steam’s store approved the game for us, it wouldn’t be done by the kids’ parents, tutors and teachers.

But we understand the feedback you’ re giving us, and we’re going to apply a solution that, without affecting the current game, can create greater challenges for older kids and adults. We are going to add enemies, but beware, they will not be elements that attack the player or similar things. They will be elements that will simply chase after the numbers we need to solve the exercises, and will “eat” them, so to speak. The player must throw water at that element to make it disappear, and this will also give him points.

We believe that this addition, which will be optional and can be activated and deactivated, will allow more options in the game and a greater variety, as well as being a new challenge for the game.

This week we’ll add the HTC Vive compatibility, and we’l try to add this feature at the same time. If it is not possible, this feature will arrive in a few days.

And, of course, we are always open to new ideas and suggestions. Thank you very much for your support.

Math Classroom Challenge

HTC coming to Math Classroom Challenge this week

Right now Math Classroom Challenge on Steam can be played with a standard monitor or Oculus goggles. From next Saturday, June 30th, we will also incorporate full compatibility with HTC Vive.

The player will be able to play with HTC Vive’s own controls or with a pad, and choose either of the two devices. Without forgetting the keyboard of course.

We’re working on the final tests. Thank you very much for your support!


Monitor, Oculus, and soon HTC Vive

New info about the idea that Math Classroom Challenge needs an Oculus device to be played. This is not true. You can play with a standard monitor. Also with an Oculus, and soon with HTC Vive.

But this is an option, enjoy Math Classroom Challenge in your monitor. Thank you!