Videotutorial #1: main features and menus

This is the first of three videotutorials, where we explain the main features and menus of the game, and also the arenas. This video has the enemies off.

We’re now processing the second and third videos with full comments about how to solve the math problems and combat against the enemy.

EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) in action

The EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) is the best weapon when things get hard. But remember, you only carry two or three, no more. This is the last version with better features and enhancements.

We’re now recording the tutorial video to show how to control and fight with the starship. That will be the first of three tutorial videos to explain how to get the best from the game.

Release date for Math Combat Challenge

We’re happy to inform that the Windows and Mac versions of Math Combat Challenge will be available on september 28. After that, will follow the work with the XBox One version, but today the game already works perfectly with pads.

Meanwhile, you can see an almost finished manual here (spanish version coming soon) and the intro video here. Have a math day!



Using combination of weapons and high speed in combat

Combine high speed, lasers, minigun & missiles to finish a light class 3 carrier in a raid. If you fail, you always can leave by using the cloaking device. But be careful, the cloak is not very stable…

Original soundtrack “Math Combat Challenge”

This is the original soundtrack of “Math Combat Challenge” spatial game, inspired by the novel “Messenger of the Nastrond”. The video features the main menu, where random generated views shows some elements of the game.

Final Head Up Display for first view areas

This is the map of functions and elements visible on the screen (Head Up Display) for areas used in first person view. These functions will be explained in detail in the manual, and can be activated by keyboard or by a PS3 / PS4 or XBox pad.

The manual will contain a quick introduction, followed by a more extensive detail for those interested in deepening the details of the game.

mc2_screen config2

Underwater combat video in Math Combat Challenge

We posted an image, now a video. Underwater combat will be included in the third Arena of Math Combat Challenge. This is a working video with some features missed that we´ll include soon. There will mist too sometimes, to complicate things a little more for the player.