Testing and more testing, it never ends

Over the weekend we’ve been working on a lot of aspects and improvements to the game. This video shows evidence of the main menus. We want the experience to be, from the beginning, the best for the player.

But we have a lot more to add after the release of the game. Including, let’s not forget, two new free scenarios.



Final version of the configuration menu

Final configuration screen for Math Combat Challenge. Among other things now you can choose between decimal point or decimal comma. It´s a detail, but it´s important.

Everything is explained in the online manual on the web (english version and spanish version).


Final testing in progress; see you in Titan

We’ve entered final testing. The game now has the final features and functionality we wanted for this first version. We have a lot of ideas to add, but the game is already complete in its final version. And remember that there will be two additional scenarios for free to the game after its release.

And don’t forget the most important feature of the game: you can fight all you want. And you’ll have to fight, no doubt about it. But the key to winning is math. Without math, there is no victory. See you at Saturn and its moon Titan.


Manual finished (english version)

The english version of the manual is finished. The spanish version will come very soon. You can find (almost) all the features of the game there. Some features are hidden, but that’s part of the joy. Click on the image to access to the manual.


Manual updated and some tips

We have updated the manual, and it´s almost finished. Just some minor elements to adjust and it will be ready. 98% of the information provided is verified and adjusted.

The manual is divided in two parts, basic and advanced. We know a lot of people don´t like manuals, neither do we. But there are people that enjoy knowing more details about the game. Or people that, after some time, want to read the advanced manual to know the game better. It doesn’t matter, the manual is always there for every one.

We have also added some final tips to the manual, they’re also in this post. They’re important, but the most important thing is having a good time. Hope you enjoy.

tips extended

Videotutorial #3: starship combat

Videotutorial #2: surface combat.

Videotutorial #1: main features and menus.

This third and last tutorial explains how to fly and control the starship in open space. The video develops inside an asteroid area, so be careful. No time limit, but weapon, fuel and energy recharges are limited. We strongly recommend using a pad (Xbox, PS3/PS4 or compatible) but you can control the ship with the mouse and keyboard too.

Videotutorial #2: Surface combat

Videotutorial #1: main features and menus.

In this second tutorial we explain how to combat in surface arenas. This tutorial has been recorded in the Stadium Arena.

The Stadium forces the player to work quickly solving math problems while trying to survive. Other arenas like the Titan Arena are bigger and with new elements like water, interiors, etc. The third and last tutorial will show the space combat with the starfighter.


Videotutorial #1: main features and menus

This is the first of three videotutorials, where we explain the main features and menus of the game, and also the arenas. This video has the enemies off.

We’re now processing the second and third videos with full comments about how to solve the math problems and combat against the enemy.